Owl’s Nest Cafe Review

Owl's Nest Cafe Karachi

Growing up in Karachi, there were only a few select places we could go to. I can count them on my fingertips: Aladin Waterpark, Sindbad, Hill Park, and just a few others. When I went back to Karachi this time, I felt the city has evolved in terms of entertainment options. Living in Dubai, we are literally fed up of malls. So when a friend mentioned Owl’s Nest Cafe in Karachi for kids, I knew we had to go there at least once. So on 14 August, we packed our car with as many kids as we could, crossed to the other part of the pull and went to Owl’s Nest Cafe, located in Phase 6 of DHA. Owl Nest Cafe is best if your kids fall in the range of 2-10 years.


Animal Classification Project Ideas: Reptile Craft


Would you agree with me if I said that us women are required to be superwoman nowadays?

I don’t remember my mother creating art projects with/for us when we were kids. If I was given a reptile craft or any other school project, I had to do them myself. They weren’t perfect. My mom would gush, or find out mistakes but I don’t remember her sitting down with me and trying to make it into an art piece.


Children Book Review: Meet Yasmin

Meet Yasmin

From the beginning of Ramzan, I had been thinking of getting my children a few culturally appropriate books. If you know me, you know I’m big on reading (been a bookworm all my life). I’m trying to encourage the love of reading in Azlan too.

Most of the books we read are written by English writers. Though I love reading them, I have noticed that recently there has been a boom in Islamic writers, especially Muslim Children books. And I wanted to get my hands on one, for quite some time.

So, it was a very cool surprise when Saadia Faruqi, the writer of children mini-book series, Meet Yasmin, offered an electronic version of her book.

Yay! I will be doing a Book Review of Meet Yasmin. (more…)