If you are moving to Dubai and wondering where the best place to live with kids in Dubai is, then JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers) gets my vote hands down. I have arrived at this conclusion after taking many things into account.

Great Play Spaceswhy JLT is best place to live with kids in Dubai


And I mean playgrounds and not just a playground. JLT is dotted with play areas, complete with swings and slides, after every two or three clusters. But the best one is behind Cluster Q. It even has a zip line and some monkey bars. The play area is separated into two spaces- one for older kids and the other for the babies (swings, slides, seesaws and the likes). All of this is surrounded by lush green grass on two sides and a fountain on the other. You can even plan your birthday parties here. You only need an external caterer and decorator and you are done.

And it gets better. There is a big beautiful football ground for bigger kids. If you are interested, football sessions are also held in the same area at 65 AED per session.

And then there are the motor-operated rides priced at 15 AED/ride.

(My Tip: If you plan on coming back, don’t try them. Your child will want to come back again and again. )


Abundance of Nurseries

JLT is blessed with nurseries in almost every Cluster or two. And most of these are pretty good. If you are a little concerned about sending your kid to a school, you can start by sending to a nursery or early learning center nearby. All these nurseries offer fully day board, early bird drop-off and also the choice of enrolling for a 3-day week. You don’t even have to worry about pick-up and drop-off if you chose one nearby.

Tip: Take your stroller along and park it outside the nursery while your kid attends his nursery.

(Spoiler: I have started compiling a list of nurseries in JLT along with their offering and I plan to post the list by the end of January. So, if you wish to be informed, just like my Facebook or Instagram Page).

Extra-curricular activities

the best place to live with kids in Dubai

I know from experience the amount of energy a child has. While I get half tired by mid-afternoon, I feel my son hasn’t even tapped a third of his day’s energies. This call for physical and sometimes even mental engagement. You will find no problem in finding such activities for your children. From swimming lessons to martial arts lessons, JLT offers a good mix of physical activities for your children.

Kiddies Cafe

Have you imagined a place where you can blissfully enjoy a cup of coffee while your kiddos are happy creating their own artwork or splashing in soft balls. Well, there is one in JLT. Kiddies Cafe is a break for all those moms who want to sit down once in a while and not feel guilty about ignoring their little ones. The Cafe has a toddler-sized playhouse that has its own kitchen, living room etc. The Cafe also has a soft play area for babies. All this for 45 AED/hour (every additional hour is charged at 30 AED). You can even buy membership plans and get great discounts. You can also plan your child’s birthday parties here.

Good Security

Another reason JLT is the best place to live with kids in Dubai is the security in the area. I have no qualms about leaving my toddler unattended while I catch up with friends. There is always a security guard nearby to keep a watch out on inappropriate behavior. This is a major plus point for all those mothers who feel that their kids can never be safe enough.

A lot of friends to make

When I first came to Dubai, it was depressing (very depressing). I hardly knew anyone and did not know where to go. Dubai, despite its tall residential apartments, can be quite isolating. You can live months without knowing who lives next door. When I moved to JLT from Greens, it felt so invorigating to see people. Coming from Karachi (where you just can’t avoid people), I need to see people, talk to them or even observe them to feel normal. Just by coming to the play area, I felt normal. In less than a year, I have made so many friends and many from my own country (even city). My son, the ever shy boy, suddenly became a social animal. He wants to go downstairs every day and is making new friends almost every new day. It feels so good to finally see him making some friends in Dubai (outside of his nursery). He has learned how to approach kids his age and play with them (and it feels cute seeing him this day). Only for this reason, I would think JLT is the best place to live with kids in Dubai.

So many restaurants

So your children drove you crazy all day long and you forgot to make dinner? Happens with me all the time. But when you are living in JLT, you need not worry. There are so so many restaurants (all offering home delivery) that making dinner once in a while is just good for your taste buds.

Moving to Dubai and still wondering if JLT is the best place to live with kids in Dubai? Ask me. Contact me or send me a message on my Facebook Page, I will be happy to suggest more places to live in Dubai (with or without kids).


Why JLT is the best place to live with kids in Dubai


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