When I first saw Typo Store at the City Centre Me’aisem, I fell in love with it. Who wouldn’t love the place with the personalized feel to it.  I am one of those people who loves to collect random, quirky stuff just because they satisfy my aesthetic side. And Typo is meant for people like me who would buy a random mini mannequin or a water bottle with their initial on it. But I was a little disappointed when I went home and actually used the stuff. 

Granted the stuff is unique and a bit quirky, I don’t think the products are designed for usability or durability. I bought a water bottle with the letter A on it and a Zombie lunchbox (both priced at 18 AED each). I got these for Azlan’s school but within the month, I had to replace both of them.

Azlan liked the bottle because he finally knows how to spell his name. So a bottle with the letter A was a novelty to him. The Bottle was BPA free (I don’t go for this stuff because I think it is just a way to position yourself better than the average plastic bottle. Time Magazine would agree).

typo store dubai review

After using the bottle a few times, I realized that it leaked big time. The plastic straw thing on the top drips out water even when it is closed. In the beginning, I thought Azlan was being careless with the cap but when I took the bottle to a trip to the mall, I belatedly realized that it was the bottle. By then my entire bag was leaking and much of my stuff inside the bag was ruined (plus point: at last I cleaned my bag).


Moreover, the lunchbox did not make up for the bottle. Even though it did not malfunction, it also was not meant to be used on a regular basis. There are four plastic clasps on each side of the box. To open the box, you need to unclasp all four. For a hungry four-year-old, this lunchbox was pure torture. During the first parent-teacher meeting, Azlan’s teacher politely asked me to replace the lunch box. According to her, it was a regular struggle between the two of them to open the lunchbox. To make up for it, I bought a standard lunchbox from Carrefour, with just ONE clasp. And even though they aren’t as exciting as the previous one, it still does the job a lot better.

Even after two months, when I passed by Typo Store, I still saw the same bottles on the shelves. I am not sure if people are actually buying them but I would just like to ask the owners of Typo to please test their products before selling. Or just give it to a blogger for a test run.  For the buyers, look a little closely before buying because I heard The Typo Store makes the occasional ‘typo’ mistakes also.

My Verdict of Typo Store Dubai

typp store dubai

Despite my unsatisfactory experience with the Typo Store, I still haven’t ditched Typo altogether. I like the fresh look about the store. Even though they are probably making the stuff through assembly line production, it still makes you feel that you are making a statement with this stuff. But for next time, I will just buy some useless knick-knack to appease my love for the smaller, quirkier things in life.

Typo Store Dubai Review


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