So, this month (after a long break), I come with another Children Book Review – The Tiger who came to tea. I have been meaning to write this review for a long time but wasn’t getting the time (the best mom excuse). This book has become Azlan’s favorite over the last few weeks. Whenever I ask him which book he would like to read at bedtime, he quickly says ‘The Tiger came to tea! The Tiger came to tea’. And even after reading it for like a 110 times, I haven’t quite reached the run-in-the-opposite moment. Yet. So it’s only fitting I write The Tiger Who Came to Tea review this month.

The Tiger who came to Tea is a sweet book about a girl called Sophie. Sophie is the recipient of an unwelcome guest to her tea party with her mummy. A tiger who eats up everything in the house- all the sandwiches, the cakes, the tea and even the water in the taps. So, Sophie’s father takes them out for dinner and the next day, they go and get a big can of Tiger food, in case the tiger came to tea again. We need to find out what’s inside that can of tiger food for the insatiable appetites of your toddlers. Recipe anyone?

I think Azlan likes the book so much for its thrill element. Any four-year-old boy would love to read a story about a wild animal (a tiger at that) who came to tea. And then the whole family goes out to eat. Double win!

Like other children books, this one also relies on a repetitive pattern. The language is simple and the sentences short. This makes it ideal for younger children and also those learning English as a second language.

The illustrations look a little outdated. They aren’t quite like the modern chubby illustrations that we have today. But the illustrator has used a bright palette that brings the orange and black tiger stripes into focus. He has also made the tiger quite big because he is the tiger, after all.


The book can be a fun way to teach manners to a child. I told Azlan about how the tiger was rude (even though he was quite polite for a tiger). You have to wait to be served before finishing all your guest’s dinner and you don’t eat everything on the table. You leave it for others too. This book has a lot of potential for discussion. If you are at the stage when you want to mold your child’s thoughts then get this book.

The book is a classic and the best thing about classics is you will find its adaptations into plays and movies. Though I haven’t seen an adaptation of The Tiger who came to Tea in Dubai, but I think it will make a good play. And if there is one, Azlan would enjoy it a lot.

If I hadn’t already got a Paperbook edition, I would have gone for Hardcover of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. If you planning to getting the book after reading The Tiger who came to Tea review, you can get the book from Souq:


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The Tiger who came to Tea review

Children Book of the Month: The Tiger Who Came to Tea Review


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