I am a major bookworm- had been since I was 10. As a teenager, I always felt that book reading is an expensive hobby (especially when you are the only book lover in the family and end up finishing the book in day or two).  My mom encouraged my reading habits- but not as much as I hoped. But here in Dubai, I feel parents are lucky that they could support their child’s love for reading in Dubai for less than 20 AED a month.


The Old Library



Annual membership at the library costs 200 AED. You could borrow up to 8 books at a time; due after 4 weeks.

And the best part for me is The Old Library is right inside Mall of the Emirates.

I know most of you would be wondering how they missed it. This is because it is on the end of the second floor, near DUCTAC.


Though the Old library isn’t huge, it is still stocked with pretty decent books. Even for an adult, the library offers book by some best-selling authors (including Dan Brown, Jodi Piccoult, Lee Child, Stephen King, John Grisham etc). You can even give your own suggestions as to which book you would like to see in the library.

The books are properly organized into different sections- fiction, non-fiction, middle-eastern books, young adult, classics and even a colorful CHILDREN SECTION!


Azlan loves visiting the library. When I do go without him, he complains. He likes choosing his own books. The racks are child sized and allow him to browse through the books.  The Kid section also has some small table and chairs (often occupied by young flourishing and eager minds).


The library also hosts a story time, every Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening (for preschoolers). It is free for members but you have to get your name on the list. I have heard that the list is often full.


I did not have the chance to take Azlan but I have seen the ending of a story time session. A colorful rug is rolled out as kids (with their mothers) sit on comfy sofas as they begin their adventures in the world of fiction. Seems fun.

The staff at the library is very nice and pleasant. Since the library is a non-profit entity, the staff is mostly volunteers. But, they always welcome you a smile and are very efficient.

You will also find a small desktop computer inside the library. Here the books are cataloged so that you can easily find them. Though it is little slow, but is helpful when you are looking for a particular book.  The online catalog can also be viewed on the library’s website so you can check which books that library stocks before heading out.



The Old Library Smile Points

  • Annual Membership at the Library costs 200 AED only
  • They have books for adults, young adults and also children.
  • Children can also benefit from the twice weekly story time.
  • The staff is very pleasant
  • They have an online catalog for all their books
  • The Library is very neatly organized.

The Old Library Squeal Points

For me, the library is just perfect. It isn’t too big and has just the books that I like. There is nothing to whine about here.


Some Tips:

  • Visit during the mornings and avoid weekends. It is quite full during weekends.
  • Park your car at DUCTAC Theater Parking. For there, the library is just a 5 minute walk.

For more details about the library, visit their website.



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