Peppa Pig is one of Azlan’s favorite cartoons. While social media is scaring parents in switching away from Peppa Pig, I find the cartoon quite entertaining myself. So, when I saw the book adaptation, ‘Peppa Pig The Dentist Trip’ at the library- I quickly grabbed it up. And it was a good decision.

I am a strong believer in getting a library membership- especially when you have kids. Children grow bored of books (like toys). So, it is best to get new books (almost for free) every month.

Peppa Pig books are available in series and there are quite a few title of them. We brought home Peppa Pig: The Dentist Trip. The plot of the book is very simple. It recounts Peppa and George Pig’s visit to the dentist. Peppa is excited but George is a little scared. All goes well. Doctor Elephant declares that they have nice clean teeth. The visit ends with George’s Dinosaur’s teeth getting a nice cleaning.

The book has been very nicely adapted into the book. The illustrations and narrative is exactly the same, as it is in the cartoon.

I love the cartoon for its simple sentences and the same can be said for the book. The writer has managed to add sound effects to the book also (that was my favorite part). Words like scrub, scrub, scrub, Gargle, Pttou are very endearing and memorable.

Here is a sneak peek inside the book:

Peppa Pig The Dentist Trip

The illustrations in the book are exactly the same as the cartoon. One reason I liked having the book was the drawing reference I had. So, whenever Azlan asked me to draw the book (which happens a lot), I happily obliged. I also think this book can be used to encourage drawing since the drawing in the book is just glorified stick drawing. This is easy for kids to copy and draw. I loved the solid colors and the simple lines. Despite this, the illustrator has managed to add a lot of details in the drawing, such as the dinosaur shirt that George wears on the first page. For a children book, this is pure genius.

Azlan loved the book because he was able to relate with the characters. With kids, they are happier with familiarity than with newness so this book is a collectable for preschool children.
I declare this book a collectible. Even after four weeks, Azlan sits down to read it. Though he can’t read, he has memorized the simple sentences. He likes to read it aloud to me. I encourage him to read some of the words but have not been successfully.
But I won’t recommend the book if you are encouraging your child to read. Some words can be difficult to read for preschoolers (like Check-up). Also the type is on the smaller side.
I would highly recommend this book as a bed-time story.
Tomorrow, I am going to the library and hoping to get another one of the Peppa Book series.
Author: Mark Baker
Publisher: Ladybird
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-4093-0193-6
For ages: 1-6
Type: Picture Book

Peppa Pig The Dentist Trip


Peppa Pig The Dentist Trip



Children Book Review: Peppa Pig The Dentist Trip


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