Mattel Play! Town Dubai Review

A few weeks ago, we decided to hit City Walk, Dubai’s newest hot spot. Naturally no family outing is complete without a kid’s activity for Azlan so we closed in on Mattel Play! Town. And we loved it!

Mattel Play! Town is a themed edutainment play area featuring five different play areas; each based on a different cartoon series. They include Bob The Builder, Fireman Sam, Angelina Ballerina, Thomas and Friends and Barney. The costumes with each theme adds to the charm of the place (and obviously the photographic value for us, parents). (more…)

Green Planet Review: A Forest in the Desert

Green Planet Dubai


Green Planet is Dubai’s first indoor tropical forest, located at City Walk. The Eid Holidays had us looking for some new places to explore and it turns out, Dubai never fails to surprise us. For a true city dweller  like me, Green Planet is the best platform to explore forest life. What more do we want; walk among the biggest man-made forest, with the bugs and the bees locked away safely. (more…)

Graco Ready to Grow Stroller Review

Graco Ready to Grow Stroller Review


With the new addition to our family, we finally decided to invest in a stroller. Before Safah, we had been managing without a stroller; with the Carrefour trolley often acting as Azlan’s stroller. If you live in Dubai, and visit the mall regularly (which is a given) then you can’t live without a stroller. The malls and even other places are quite leg tiring for even an adult and children tire out more easily. With Azlan now constantly competing with baby Safah, we knew a double stroller was what we needed. My sister suggested Graco strollers; it being a known with a good track record.

After some online research, we decided on Graco Ready 2 Grow Stroller.  As we do with most of our heavy equipment, we chose Souq this time around also. The stroller was priced at 1850 AED but Souq gave us a really good discount and we got the stroller at 899 AED. To avail the deal, click here. The stroller was delivered to our doorstep within 3 days with a one year warranty.

Initially, my husband was not satisfied with the stroller. He found the stroller added equipment to our growing list of things-to-take-when-going-outside. But two, three trips outside with the stroller, he was convinced. The kids are now safely tucked in the stroller, giving us a few moments of precious adult conversation.

If you are planning to get one stroller for your two children, read and benefit from my Graco Ready to Grow Stroller Review.

Smile Points

The stroller is compact, considering that it accommodates two children. We are able to maneuver the stroller even in narrow shop aisles. This also saves us the guilt of occupying more space in lifts, elevators, and other crowded spaces. With its spinner wheels, the stroller is easy to move around.

The stroller has 12 riding options and accepts two car seats for infants. As the children grow older, we can adjust the riding options to suit our needs and the children’s comfort. Right now, we are using the default option. Safah faces us in the rear and Azlan sits comfortably in front with his toys on the kid’s tray.

The storage basket is also quite large which makes it a perfect accessory for shopping in Dubai’s huge malls.

The canopies, over the two seats, also makes the stroller ideal for walks in the parks given Dubai’s smoldering heat.

Graco Ready 2 Grow stroller is also easy to fold and open. Believe me, with two kids, this option is crucial when choosing a stroller.

Squeal Points

The only downside about the product for me is that you can only take this stroller along when both your kids are going out. If I wish to take Baby Safah out while my older one goes to school, I will have to take my baby carrier along. Buying two strollers in limited apartment space is not an option for me so the baby carrier will have to do for now.

Also, you may need some assistance in setting up the stroller because the manual isn’t really helpful. I managed to get the stroller together after one frustrating hour.

Disclaimer: This review is not paid and reflects my own personal experience with the product.


Graco Ready to Grow Stroller Review

The other side effect of Montelukast (Singulair)

side effect of Montelukast (Singulair)


This month, ABC TV Australia aired a story on the potential neuropsychiatric side effects of  Montelukast (Singulair) in children. Montelukast is the most popular and effective asthmatic preventive medicine for both children and adults. This discovery created a frenzy among mothers and as the story spread on Facebook, it gained a lot of strong response. Mothers, all of the world, were concerned and agitated. And I was one of them. Yet again, I turned to Google in my hour of need and researched all about Montelukast. What I found was horrifying.