I am a mom: Don’t expect me to be perfect. Considering how are lives are far from the perfect we once imagined them to be, here is an imperfect mom’s guide to what not to expect from mothers.  When you come to my house, these are two things you are not going to see.


You may expect some good company. But here is what you should not expect:

Don’t expect my home to be spotless


Even if I was suddenly injected with a shot of adrenaline and managed to clean the entire house, I still have the 9-month-old trailing behind me; poking and throwing everything around her path. I may not be the mom who wrote the complaint to Woolsworth, but I am the mom complaining her children mess up the home faster than she can clean.

Don’t expect a yummy-licious three-course meal


We did not even do that when I had no kids. And with kids, impossible is the operative word. And do not even think of cheeky comments like impossible is I am possible. Hold that thought till you have kids. You want a three-course meal, go to a restaurant. They usually do that stuff because they have no kids to balance on their other hand while they are stirring the pot.

Don’t expect me never to get angry mad


That happens more often than you think. It is only when you have kids that you realize how angry you can get. Angry mad takes over when you are on sleep deprivation mode, and you forget to eat your lunch AND your toddler smudges his dirty hands on the mirror yet again despite having to tell him not to- EVERY SINGLE TIME.


Don’t expect my kids to be on the best behavior


You know how annoying it is when you go to someone’s house and their toddler goes into crying mode for no apparent reason. Multiply that annoyance by 100 times. That is how frustrated the mother feels. Mothers expect their children to behave in front of guests. The toddlers. in turn take the same time to do the complete opposite. I am not saying that my son is an angel sans-guests but he could become especially difficult when he has an audience.

Don’t expect me to take criticism positively


I am trying my hardest to raise two good children and I know I am not doing a perfect job. If you (an adult) are criticizing, then your mom did not teach you good manners. Mine is just 4-year-old. I have seen 30-year-olds rolling eyes when a child misbehaves. Mine is not even quarter the age.

Don’t expect me to be dressed perfectly


I may wear a nice dress but my hair, they are the reason I would rather sport a bun than some trendy hairstyle. Getting a bath is difficult enough with kids, dressing up is going another level. I reserve that for very special and very rare occasions. At least until my kids can dress up for themselves. For now, I just manage to get three people in decent looking clothes.

After writing all this, I realize that I could have been saying all this to myself. More than the people around me, I expect perfection from myself and from my children.  But you know, the facade of perfect is just that, a facade.



Having said all this, I am sure get-togethers at my place aren’t half as bad as I have portrayed them out to be. But hey, this is just to make you moms smile and perhaps to make you remember a few such incidents that you have suffered through. I am sure you have had your own sets of imperfections. Let me know more about them. I would love to add on to this list.


I AM A MOM: Don’t Expect 


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