A few weeks ago, we decided to hit City Walk, Dubai’s newest hot spot. Naturally no family outing is complete without a kid’s activity for Azlan so we closed in on Mattel Play! Town. And we loved it!

Mattel Play! Town is a themed edutainment play area featuring five different play areas; each based on a different cartoon series. They include Bob The Builder, Fireman Sam, Angelina Ballerina, Thomas and Friends and Barney. The costumes with each theme adds to the charm of the place (and obviously the photographic value for us, parents).

Kids’ Tickets (2 years above) costs AED 90 and adult tickets cost 50 AED. 

The entire play area is built on three floors but it is on the second and third floor that you will find the real excitement. We started from the second floor. I would suggest you start from the first to build on the child’s excitement since the main themed play areas is on the first floor.

Bob The Builder



This was my favorite space. Azlan ran with excitement here, not sure what to try out first. There seemed to be a lot to do there. Kids can build a wall, load bricks on conveyor belts, play on the sand area stands, try out the mechanical crane claw and even run up the small construction site area.

The favorite attraction here seemed to be the conveyor belt and the loading truck. Azlan quickly grabbed one of the cute little wheeled shovel, added the foam bricks and put them on the belt. He watched with fascination as bricks moved up the conveyor slide, and into the loading truck.

Azlan was mostly fascinated with the bricks, placing them on the shovel and then wheeling them to make the house. He did not try out the construction site, being a little claustrophobic. But he had just as much fun with the mechanical claw (muscle strength required here), running around with the wheeled shovel and even in the sand stands.


The stand alone sand play area was a little let down since it required the kids to keep standing. Sand play is ideally down when sitting down to allow kids to relax and get those hands dirty. The standing sand play did not get much points from the kids.


Fireman Sam


This was a favorite for the older boys and girls with its aerial maze. Horizontal wooden beams were projected from the ceilings, fueling the adventurous side of the bigger kids.

For Azlan, the big fireman truck was the biggest catch. He bounced with excitement as we fitted him with the fireman gear.


The small play area (inside a small cute house) is a universal attraction for kids and this one was no exception (except this was probably cleaner than other such play areas).

Angelina Ballerina

I am sure if Safah was bigger, she would not have left this place. Ballerina costumes were available in different sizes for girls. A virtual stage was the central attraction as it lit when someone danced on its floor.

The virtual wardrobe was another attraction. I saw two little girls giggling as they tried out different virtual costumes.  There was even a small powder room for little drama queens to pose.

Thomas and Friends


If you looking for a 4D cinema for kids, this is the place (complete with 3D glasses). The 4D cinema shows Thomas’s misadventure on the tracks. The cinema is pretty standard with vibrating seats, swooshing winds, and bubbles! Yes, bubbles. Which kid doesn’t like bubbles. Even though Azlan is a little above four, he still could not get past the bubbles.

The cinema starts every 15 minutes so don’t worry about missing the show. Booster seats are also available for smaller children.

There is even a soft play area here. This one is quite big. You can let your kids run around free here while you get a few moments of peace.


The top floor is a mini kid’s heaven, complete with a park. As you enter, a cool Barney fountain greets you. You then proceed to this cool virtual lake and a bridge. The water in the lake moves as you move on the screen.


Kids can play on the extensive slides or spend time inside the child-sized house.


This child sized house has every thing a child would love- from a small kitchen to a drum set. There is also a huge virtual paint wall where kids can try out their drawing skills. For a book lover like me, the extensive children book library was a definite plus.

Mattel Play! Town

I could picture Azlan happily spending the entire day in this place.

Mattel Play! Town Smile Points

Themed Play Area: Mattel is quite a popular brand among children. Azlan knew most of these characters. Seeing all these characters live added to his fun.

Spacious: Even though it was a Friday and there were quite a number of families inside, none of the play areas looked crowded. Azlan was happily playing in his own personal zone all the time.

Clean and Sanitary: Despite the fact that the place was filled with happy and energetic children, it was clean. Even the sand area was clean and the staff was continuously cleaning up the place. A small child-sized tap was also placed near the play sand so that kids could clean up when leaving.


Mattel Play! Town Squeal Points

Pricey Food: The food was a little pricey. A plate of rice with fish and juice cost 40 AED.

The Exit: You have to exit the play area through the store. This could be a problem if your kid wants to take a toy home. If you want my suggestion, distract him with the small play desk on your way out.



My Insider Tips:

  • Get those kiddie tummies filled before taking them inside. There is a wide variety of both fine and fast food at City Walk, so better to enjoy that.
  • Park your car at J Parking since it is the closest to Mattel Play! Town
  • Visit during the Barney and Bob The Builder show. The show timings are Barney show are
    11,15 and 19 PM. On Thursdays and Fridays, they have an extra show at 22 PM. Bob The Builder Show starts at 13, 17 and 20 PM.

Azlan’s Verdict


Mattel Play! Town Dubai Review!


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