January’s Children Book of the Month is Maggie’s Ball. This is yet another find from the Old Library. Since we are focusing on phonics these days, this book was perfect. This is what you should get your child when he has started to read. Or even if he hasn’t, your toddler will still love it. Mine does. A few days back, he declared, ‘This is my favorite book’. (hope this feeling dulls down by the end of the month when I have to return it). 


Maggie's Ball Review

Maggie’s Ball Review

Maggie’s Ball is the story of a dog, Maggie with a bright yellow ball. Maggie is looking for someone to play with when a might wind blows his ball in town. He goes looking for his ball in town. He finally finds the ball, next to a young girl who later becomes Maggie’s friend.

If I could write, I would say there are 101 reasons why I liked the book. Firstly, the book is not text-heavy. This makes it a great bedtime read when the lights are dimmed down and you don’t have to hold the book right in front of your face to read it. This also helps in keeping the child’s attention in the book.

The text is also big and bold, which is perfect for a toddler starting to read. And since Azlan has started reading a bit, he is able to read words like No, ball, it, see, is. (He makes his mama proud).

Maggie's Ball Review

The sentence repetition makes the book memorable and instantly captures the attention of the child.

There is also an ask and answer format in the book when Maggie goes searching for his ball in town. (Ah, a time when I can ask the questions). These involve the child in the book. They search for the ball in the book and get excited answering the questions.

The focus of the book is on pictures, which is something all children book should be like. The colors are also something that toddlers would like- bright and bold. The illustrator has also managed to do texture on the dog’s fur which unconsciously builds your child’s aesthetic sense (or at least I like to think so).

What I like most about the illustration is the way the illustrator has paced the pictures throughout the book. In some pages, you just see the dog while in some, the hustle bustle of the town is seen. And even when the illustrator draws the town, we see some energy in it- people going about their usual jobs.



Author: Lindsay Barrett George
Publisher: Green Willow Book
Publication Date: 2010
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780061721663

Children Book of the Month: Maggie’s Ball


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