Last week, we finally went to Legoland Dubai. Azlan had been talking about it ever since we told him about the park.I was a little apprehensive about going there; the cost being the main reason for this. So, with the UAE resident offer on the table, we decide to buy the tickets before the Dubai weather went aggressive on us. I have been meaning to write this Legoland Dubai Review since last week but there has been so much to write about. And I still think I haven’t covered it all.

The UAE resident offer cost us 375 AED/person for both the theme and the water park. Parking is free for UAE residents but you have to book online (and don’t forget to take your UAE ID for verification). And you get to see the quaint River Island for free and it does tingle your aesthetic eye.


The park opens at 10:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm (too less time if you ask me), so we ate breakfast and made our move. We took the taxi which cost us around 70 AED one way. With two toddlers in tow and a full load of excitement, we set feet in Legoland.


Legoland Dubai Themepark Review


We first decided for the theme park since it seemed the pragmatic choice. After taking the customary pictures, we moved towards Lego City. Though I had seen pictures of the place and hadn’t really been impressed but you have to see it to feel the wow factor. I mean, entire landmarks made with Lego Blocks. A small exact replica of the Metro, and its moving.


And the best thing is the buttons. (I get it that they are made for the small kids who aren’t so easily impressed with such elaborate structures). But it’s thrilling to see what happens when you press the buttons: cars racing, men running, fisherman fishing. Cool!









After that, we went to the airplane ride. Younger kids have to go with a parent and the older can go alone. The ride had a lever to make the ride go up and down, making Azlan squeal with laughter as he kept toying with it. And then we raced to boating. Even one-year-old Safah was allowed on that one (though it was quite tricky maneuvering the boat and holding a super excited kid away from jumping in the water). There was also a soft play area there but we skipped it. There was so much we still had to do, and soft play area just seemed so ordinary.

Little Azlan also got a driving license- he did so well with driving his Lego car.



So, we got some ice-cream (it was still hot), we went on to the Kingdom. The first ride we tried was the kiddie rollercoaster. This was the first for Azlan on a rollercoaster. He was a little scared at the start but with the second round, he was just as excited as I was. He even wanted to brave the bigger rollercoaster. But with the height restriction, I had to go alone. Truthfully, it wasn’t really scary but still fun.


But there were many other rides he could try out. And he did!


The 4D cinema was also surprisingly good. The movie was well made; short and a little cheesy.

The indoor Lego workshop was a breath of sanity in the hot weather outside. We saw many parents chilling out while their toddlers were busy creating and racing Lego cars. A small race track was a cute and very fun addition to the place.


Legoland Dubai Waterpark Review

Legoland Dubai Water Park is a lot similar to Yas Waterworld, but it’s an improved version. You can build a lego wall on your tubes when floating in the lazy river. For Azlan, it become more about building the wall than floating.

The Joker Soaker was the most fun, with unexpected bursts of water leading to squeals and giggles. The best thing was Joker Soaker is made for all ages, with different slides to cater to all kids. Azlan started with the smallest and in one hour went through all of them.


Even Safah enjoyed the park, taking a dip in the Wave Pool. She chaffed her chin on the beach chairs. Poor baby. But that didn’t stop her still. If we were to go back, we will probably just stick to Legoland Dubai Waterpark.

In the end, we went to the Build-a-boat section and had a small impromptu race. Both Azlan and me constructed boats from Lego blocks and put them on the water track. I won!


And with that, we decided to change back and head out. It wasn’t what we wanted but the park was closing. So, with one still unsatisfied toddler and a baby with a big bruise on her chin, we finally exited Legoland Dubai Waterpark.


Legoland Dubai Smile Points


Many Attractions: You can spend the entire day at the park and still want to come back the next day to try out the rides. We left the park at closing time but still hadn’t had the chance to enjoy everything.

Indoor and Outdoor Activities: Legoland has everything for everyone. There are the usual amusement rides (rollercoasters and the likes), water fun, 4D cinema and even boating. Apart from that, there are cute Lego workstations where kids can make cars and boats and start an impromptu race on existing tracks.

Baby Areas and First Aid Center: Safah, who is still mastering her walk, fell down twice in the Water Park. So, it was a relief to find a First aid center. The staff there was also quite good and administered the basic relief.



Legoland Dubai Squeal Points

Not for older kids: If you take my word, the park will appeal mainly to 4-9 year old, even though the park advertises it’s meant for children between 2-12. For starters, there is a height limit on many rides, so kids below 4 won’t be allowed to sit on many of them. For older kids, the rides would be too kiddish.

The Timing: They need to add more time. Legoland Dubai opening times are between 10 am to 7 pm and if you ask me it’s not enough to enjoy the two parks.


A few helpful Tips:

  • Start with the Theme Park, specifically Lego City.
  • Visit on a Saturday. It’s less crowded then and you don’t have buy to even consider buying the VIP tickets.
  • If you can brave it, each lunch after 4:30. Kids eat free after 4:30 there.
  • Don’t forget to take proper swimwear with you. They don’t allow cotton inside the water areas and was a big letdown for us. You can still buy swimwear at the park.


Azlan’s Verdict

‘Let’s go back next week, too!’ (yes, let’s. But who is paying?)


Legoland Dubai Review

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