In a time when iPads have become oxygen for our child’s entertainment, the need for art has grown exponentially. As a graduate of design, I believe that every child should be exposed to arts and design at an early age. So I have decided to add Easy DIY Art Project with Kids section to my blog and this handmade card is the first post in that section.

Arts help improve concentration, creativity, team work, motor skills, motivation and even academic performance.

Also, creating an art project will help us spend time with them. And this is one reason I have decided to take out some time each week to create some art project with my son. However, small the project, it will help us bond more. With him growing more independent each day, I think we need more of these concentrated spaces of time. Also, it would help make the iPad less attractive and real life more fun.

You don’t have to be artist or designer to sign up for these art projects. You just need to get on Pinterest and look for easy DIY art project with kids.

This week we made a card for my husband for our wedding anniversary.

easy diy art project with kids

This project was simple enough and the reason I chose it. The inspiration for this card came from 366 cards on Instagram, This insta account is maintained by a mom who does one card with her son each day and they are so simple and yet so brilliant that I can’t help but be inspired by her.


For my card, I started with choosing a quote. I did this while Azlan was at his nursery. Well, I did most of the work when he was at the nursery but since he is just four, I thought to just keep the easy stuff for him.

When I searched the web from quotes, I came up with really cheesy quotes. Quotes that I am sure my husband would only make fun of I wrote them. So I created one on my own:

”If our family was orange juice, you would be the orange.”

On the cover of the card, I decided to go for an orange image dissected in half. Here is the image I found on the internet.

easy diy art project with kids

I then analyzed it. I needed three colors, apart from the background-color: yellow and two shades of orange. Simple enough.

I devoured a few magazines that I had. Found the colors and cut them out.

With Azlan back from the nursery, we went to stick the pieces together. He put glue on them and I guided him to paste the pieces together. I know the card did not turn out perfect but we were not looking for perfection. We were looking for spending time together and to make a card that was brought from time rather than money.

This easy DIY art project with kids was extremely simple and I believe it was best for the first time. We can do more complex projects over time but this seemed like a good start.


Handmade Card: Easy DIY Art Project with Kids


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