So, here is my Part 2 of the Zabeel Park outing. A visit to Zabeel Park is incomplete without visiting the Glow Garden. We had planned to go to the Dinosaur Park (Read review here) and since Glow Garden was free with the Park, we got to enjoy two shows at the good price of one (60 AED/ person). Y0u can buy tickets online too.

As a Karachiite, I thought of my city as the city of lights. But that was before I had been to the Glow Garden.

Glow Garden Dubai

The Glow Garden is a stimulating sensory walk in one of the biggest parks in Dubai. There are over 1000 installations within the park, all glowing. You can expect glowing tigers, flowers, pinwheels, trees, flamingos and also the Burj Khalifa.

Glow Garden Dubai

I particularly loved the main attraction – the underwater installation. It was soothing to watch with fishes and whales going around the giant jelly fishes (I think those were jelly fishes). The reflection of this installation lent an added charm to this one.

Glow Garden Dubai

As usual, I was amazed at how they do it and who comes up with these ideas.

There was also a talking tree. However, I think it was not utilized to the full potential. Ideally, there should have been sitting space around the tree so little children could sit around it and listen to it talk.

And take your cameras with you… you can get some very cool pictures there (especially in the light tunnel).

Glow Garden Dubai

I visited the park after dark but I think, it would be better to visit it in the evening when there is still some light. The Glow Garden comes to life after 4 pm so make the best of it and go early. There is too much to see. Though the installations may get monotonous but hey, how often do you get to see lit up elephants, deer and giant ants.


What’s more?

The Garden is Eco-friendly. The materials used in the construction of the installations come from plastic bottles and medicine bottles. The lights are also low consumption bulbs. This could be a good lesson on recycled materials for your kids.

Glow Garden Dubai

My Verdict of Glow Garden

I am not going to say that it was the best of experience but it was an experience I am glad of. The tickets don’t cost much so better hit the place.

Highly recommended for photography lovers. The garden may not be the place for jaded souls (those who believe everything that glitters is not gold).


Dubai Glow Garden Review

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