Moms need hacks more than anyone else. From good diaper deals to best kept secrets of the town, we want it all. We don’t have the time or the energy to learn the ins and outs of the city but we want to know. So, here is my list of 12 Hacks in Dubai for moms. Enjoy and I hope you benefit from them.

Mommy Monday

Moms in Dubai

Every Monday, Babyshop offers great deals and discounts on all kid’s items- from clothes to baby essentials. The offer is valid on all Baby shop stores, even their online store. So if you planning to buy a stroller, a high chair or any of those baby stuff, wait for a Monday.


Join a Facebook Group


When I first came to Dubai, the city intimidated him like my Kid’s flu at night. I was afraid of venturing too far out so sitting at home, I found quite a few groups on Facebook to connect with other moms in Dubai. From getting good, sensible advice to selling kid’s stuff, Facebook groups have been my cool aid for this concrete jungle. Little Baby Souq and Dubai Mother and Baby Club are some good groups. And then there are groups for moms from UK, Southasia and other specific regions.


Kid’s Free Lunches

Dubai for moms

I know mornings, afternoons and sometimes evenings can be a bit too much with kids in the house. So just take them out. Many of the restaurants in Dubai offer free lunches for Kids under 12 years! (when they are accompanied with an adult). Jamie’s Kitchen offers free lunches every weekday (between 11-4 pm). A few months before Circle Café, Big Daddy and Big Chefs were offering Kid’s free lunch. (If you are a restaurant offering Kid’s Free Lunches, do let me know.)


Entertainer Family

Dubai for moms

Buy an Entertainer Book. The book contains 2,800 Buy One Get One Free offers for casual dining, attractions, leisure activities, services and more across Dubai. The Book costs around 450 AED (50 AED discount for app) and believe me, it pays off for itself after a few vouchers. Last year, they even had a Dubai Kids book priced at 325 AED (275 AED for the app).


Changing Room

Dubai for moms

For breastfeeding moms, Dubai’s never ending malls can be frustrating. But the consideration of Dubai extends to moms in the malls. Nearly every washroom in the Mall has a mother’s changing room, equipped with diaper changing stations, diaper packs and a comfy sofa for moms. But even after that, sometimes, there is an exhausting line at the changing rooms and with a fussy, hungry baby at hand, this could become pure agony. Don’t fret. I have discovered that changing rooms near supermarkets and baby stores are usually very crowded. So just walk towards the washrooms near luxury stores (these are cleaner and sometimes even have their own toilet). There are changing rooms at Babyshop stores too (complete with television, magazines and even a rocking chair!).


Careem for Kids

Dubai for moms

Don’t have a license or a car? Don’t worry. You don’t have to risk your child with Dubai taxi driver. Careem offers family friendly taxi rides for kids. Their taxis are even equipped with car seats for your children. The taxis are bigger and spacier than the regular taxis for all those kiddie toys and equipment.




Ladies and Children Section in Metro

Dubai for moms

If you ask me how kid friendly the metro is, I would rate it 9/10. The trains have their own women and children section, which is right beside the Gold class. Usually this section is less crowded than the rest of the section and most people don’t mind the kid noise. Also every metro station has a baby room.


Funday Monday at Fun City

Dubai for moms

Every Monday is a Fun Day at Funcity since all rides are priced at AED 1! Amazing, right. You can avail the offer at  multiple Fun City locations in DUBAI such as Arabian Center, Ibn Batutta Mall, Lamcy Plaza, Mercato, Oasis Centre, Reef Mall.


Smart Shoppers


Moms have to be smart shoppers since half our budget is spent on toys, candies and useless knickknacks. So look at the back of your Carrefour receipt (if you haven’t already). You can find some good deals there (especially for Kids). They have a promotion for Magic Planet where you get 60 AED for every 30 AED you spend.


Free Aquaventure Entry

Dubai for moms

Thinking of where to take your kid for his birthday? Here’s an idea: Aquaventure Water Park. Aquaventure is the biggest water park in the Middle East and offers some really crazy rides. What’s better? It offers free entry on your birthday when you register your birthday with the park.



Dubai Shopping Festival


Dubai Shopping Festival must have been the brainchild of a woman. I mean who else can think of an entire month of sales at every other store in Dubai Malls. If you are planning on a big shopping trip, hold on for a while. Dubai Shopping Festival starts in just months. From 26 December to 28 January, you can shop at great discounts and get a chance to enter numerous raffle draws held at almost every mall in Dubai.


Follow a Mom Blogger


Since you probably left your tribe in your home city, it is important to connect with mom bloggers here in Dubai. Follow a mom blogger to get advice, tips or just to vent out about being a mom. Need some advice on who to follow? Well, there is me.

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You have some of your own? Share the love. Let me know in the comment section. And I promise to keep updating the list with more hacks in Dubai for moms.


10 Hacks in Dubai for moms

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