Dubai did it again. When you think you have seen the entire city, it comes up with something new. Zabeel Park recently opened its very own Dinosaur Park. Dinosaur Fans, get ready. And for those looking for some outdoor activities in this nice weather, this is the place.

Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting much. But I was pleasantly surprised (shocked even).

Dinosaur Park Dubai

The Dinosaur Park was wow-some. There were around 100 life-size animatronic dinosaurs in the Park. Though the Dinosaurs looked plastic (since they were) but they had done a lot to give the thrill element to Zabeel Park.

And for Azlan, it did feel very real.

Initially, he was scared. The Dinosaurs were moving (slightly since they were battery operated) and they were roaring!

Oh yes… GRRRRR.

When we told Azlan we were going to the Dinosaur Zoo, he was jumping with excitement. He even got out his T-Rex shirt for the day. But when he saw the roaring real-like dinosaurs, he ran the other direction. He had to force him to come, carry him at points but after I patiently explained the mechanism, he felt a little okay (except when they roared).

Dinosaur Park Dubai

And there were a lot of them. So when they roared together, it was a little scary but still thrilling. Apart from a number of T-Rex, they had Triceratops, Diplodocus, Stegosaurs, Pterodactyl and Velociraptor. I also learned a few more names like Ankylosauria and Ornithopoda (hoping to add these to Azlan’s vocabulary of dinosaurs).

Each dinosaur had stone plates giving out its name and other fun details. Since it was a Friday and crowded, I did not get a chance to read much except names.

Dinosaur Park Dubai

To add the thrill element, they have copied the high voltage grilled prison look from Jurassic Park. At one point, Umair warned me from touching the bars (they might have current). But common sense prevailed, they would not be running high voltage current in a children park and come on, the dinosaurs weren’t real (even if Azlan felt they were). To complete the look, a few Pterodactyls were hanging from trees and sitting on rocks.

Dinosaurs were categorized into different eras (don’t expect me to remember their names). In the end, they also showed the extinction phase of dinosaurs through meteors and volcanoes.

The fun does not end there. After the walk through the Dinosaur Park, there was also a small Dinosaur Lab. You could see dinosaurs’ eggs and a makeshift computer lab (nothing very professional).

And there is more!

There is a dinosaur theme rides also for young children. You will have to pay for that.

A make-believe archaeological site has also been created with a dinosaur fossil and lots of sand.

Dinosaur Park Dubai

Dinosaur skeletons and eggs complete the entire park.

It took us around two hours to navigate through the entire Dinosaur park.

And when we were leaving, a dinosaur got loose. Hello, nostalgia (Jurassic Park). That was a sight I wasn’t expecting but I guess you can expect anything from Dubai.

Dinosaur Park Dubai

If you are serious dinosaur fan, I would not recommend the park to you. But if you like me, are going for a fun day with some good old dinosaurs (roaring and tail swagging included), I would say get on your travelling shoes.



Dinosaur Park Smile Points

  • It is an awesome experience. You won’t find many Dinosaur Parks in Dubai.
  • You get to watch two shows for one: The Dinosaur Park and the Glow Garden.
  • The tickets aren’t too experience. Tickets cost 60 AED/person (children under free go free). You also get access to the rest of the park which is quite big.
  • Apart from the show, there are battery operated rides and even small play parks with slides and all.

Dinosaur Park Squeal Points

  • Just that it is too far from my place and you may find it difficult to get a taxi on your way back.
  • It is a little crowded but was expected given it was a Friday.

A few of my tips…

  • Enter from Gate 6, otherwise it could be a long journey (Zabeel Park has an area equal to 45 football stadiums combined!)
  • Go early. It will take around three hours to view both Dinosaur Park and the Glow Garden. Also for pictures, go early.
  • Take your cameras. You can get some really cool shots at the Glow Garden (Read Review).

Dinosaur Park Dubai Review


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