If you are wondering whether vaccination in Dubai, like healthcare, very costly?
Then the answer is NO!

Vaccination in Dubai is free of cost if you have a government health card (which costs 120 Dirhams).
Wondering how to get the government health card?

For your ease, I have laid down the entire process in 4 easy steps.

Step 1

Get your documents ready.

You will need:
• Passport copy of child and both parents
• Visa copy of child and both parents
• 2 Photographs of child
• Tenancy Contract
• Birth Certificate Copy
• Dewa Bill Copy

If you need more information, you can call Dubai Health Authority’s toll-free number, 800-DHA. You will have to pay 120 Dirhams for the card and the entire process takes less than 20 minutes.

Step 2

Visit any of the three government hospitals in Dubai

Rashid Hospital
Latifa Hospital
Dubai Hospital
For me, this was the most difficult part since I live on the other side of Dubai and these hospitals are located near or in the old part of Dubai (Bur Dubai). I went to Rashid Hospital since it was accessible by Metro. The Oud Metha Metro Station is a 5-minute walk from the hospital.
I would recommend consulting Google Maps before embarking on the journey if you are unsure.
When you reach the hospital, ask any staff member to direct you towards the health card counter (you don’t want to get lost). Once you will get to the counter, the process is pretty easy and straight forward. The staff, though not very friendly, is quite efficient and will present you with the card in 20 minutes. I got a little confused here because the staff don’t talk a lot (probably because they are not comfortable speaking English) but don’t worry. You only need the card from there.
Also, before leaving, ask them about the nearest health care center for your area.

Step 3

Get your Vaccination appointment

You will have to visit the health care center for the appointment since they do not give appointments by phone. But first, you will have to locate the health center (on your own). Use Google Maps. Mine was Al-Barsha Health Center located near Union Corp (Al-Barsha Mall).
Visit the Health Center for an appointment and take your old vaccination card (if you have one). The Health Centers are open from 9 AM to 9 PM.
The process of getting an appointment could be a little tedious. For my first time, I had to go a lot of back and forth (between the counter and the nurse station) since vaccination in Dubai is a little different from that done in Pakistan. The schedule is a little different and you may find a little communication gap due to language barriers.

Step 4

Visit the Health Care Center on the appointed date

The last step is to visit the health care center on the appointed date. You will be notified about the appointment through SMS, one day prior to the appointment. You may find the waiting period to be long, but you get free WiFi:-).

During your first visit, you will be issued a vaccination card for your child. You will have to take this card every time you visit the health care center for vaccinations. The card contain a list of recommended vaccination schedule for babies in UAE (Dubai). Following is the chart for recommended vaccination schedule in Dubai.

Recommended Schedule for Vaccination  
At Birth BCG, Hep. B
2 Months Hexavalent vaccine (DTap, Hib, Hep. B, IPV, pneumococcal vaccine)
4 Months DTap, Hib, Hep. B, OPV, IPV, pneumococcal vaccine
6 Months DTap, Hib, Hep. B, OPV, IPV, pneumococcal vaccine
12 Months MMR, Chicken Pox
18 Months DTap, Hib, OPV, pneumococcal vaccine


5-6 Years DPT, OPV, MMR, Chicken Pox

The vaccination process is quite thorough. The nurse will take vital stats of the baby along with information about the baby’s birth weight, delivery etc to fill out the baby’s file. This does feel a little reassuring. Once the baby has received his shots, you are done.
But don’t leave before taking your next appointment.

Happy Vaccination and give lots of love to your baby after his vaccination. The real test of motherhood starts after the vaccination (the crying and often the fever).
If I have missed something, please feel free to ask me in the comment section.

Did you know Vaccination in Dubai is Free?


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