Today I chanced to enjoy a dessert tasting session of a new, small venture in Dubai. Initiated by a Dubai mom, Sweet Spies is offering desserts in JLT (and nearby areas) for birthday parties and other special events. And also for every person who thinks food can wait, but not dessert!



The Dessert Tasting Session

The tasting session was a success. The owner, Huma Haseeb, said she never expected such a great response. For four hours, people raided her home for one of the best desserts in JLT. The table was set with the yummiest desserts. It looked like a dessert section of a buffet restaurant. There’s nothing chocolate and desserts cannot cure.

What I loved was the presentation. My aesthetic love was already cured. The table was set in a very vintage tone. Pretty little floral vases acting as a backdrop to some seriously tasty dessert. We were offered these dainty little plates to sample anything and everything we liked. There was just too much sweetness, and just one mouth.

But honestly, I liked everything. I especially liked the Profiteroles.

desserts in JLT

The Lotus Blossoms and the Meringue Chantilly were also something I would love to try again. Though I wasn’t able to taste the Toffee Coffee Mousse, I heard some serious praise about them.

I also got a chance to meet some amazing ladies at the session. Such sessions offer a chance to make a few friends, as Huma invited all of us to sit and chat, while enjoying the desserts.


Sweet Spies is for you…

  • If you think most desserts shops in Dubai are offering way too sugary stuff.  Honestly, I can’t eat a full slice of most cakes without your mind going through a sugar-laden guilt attack. The desserts at Sweet Spies are soft, light and not extremely sugary. The right balance for me.
  • If you have a soft spot for beautiful presentations- banoffee pies served in cute little mason jars. Perfect for a Christmas gift for co-workers.
  • If you are looking for reasonably priced desserts. It’s a new venture, so there’s the honeymoon period.

About the Chef

Huma Haseeb is a mother of two beautiful, young girls. She loves desserts. Not just the regular ice-cream or brownie. But beautiful, tasty desserts. Planned like a chef. A layer of crisp biscuit to complement the soft ice-cream. That’s how she thinks of dessert. Huma would like to use to her passion and love to desserts to start her own business venture of desserts in JLT. It’s a small setup now, but she has some great ideas. Soon, she’s also planning to offer dessert classes for young chefs.  Like Sweet Spies Facebook Page to snag a spot when that happens. In the meantime, you can order her desserts for your next party. Or even to give yourself a much deserving treat (especially if you are a mom).

Dessert Tasting Session by Sweet Spies: Yummy Desserts in JLT

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