The Emperor of Absurdia was another good find from The Old Library. The book, written by Chris Riddell, tells the tale of a small emperor as he tumbles out of his bed into a strange and wonderful land. The story is about monsters, dragons and a pointy bird who lives in a pointy nest on a pointy tree.

This Children Book is illustrated quite like a comic book, but less busy. The panels within each page add interest in the book. We see the little emperor falling out of bed, moment by moment. The characters in the book are also very nicely created. I mean, what child is not fascinated by dragons and wardrobe monsters?
I liked the fact that there was less to read and more to see. This makes the book excellent for reading to preschool children who are more interested in illustrations than the story.
Phrases like ‘jingle jangle socks’, ‘crumbly coat’ and ‘snuggly scarf’ were very endearing and memorable. These words make for great reading since they have a rhyme like quality.
Here is a sneak peek inside the book:

Emperor of Absurdia
Secretly, I loved the book more than Azlan. Azlan lost interest in the book at times, probably because the book was a bit too imaginative for a four year old. A four year old does not understand abstract ideas such as umbrella trees and pillow umbrella hills. But he liked the illustrations.


My Verdict:

Personally, I would love to read more of his. I just learnt about his other book, Ottoline and the Yellow Cat’ is just as bizarre as this one. Hoping to find it at the library.
I heard that the book received the Nestlé Children’s Book Prize Silver Award and was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal and I am not surprised. Reading the book brought a spark of imagination in me.
Title: Emperor of Absurdia
Author: Chris Riddell
Publisher: Macmillan
Publication Date: August 31, 2006
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-4050-5061-6
For ages: 1-6
Type: Picture Book

Emperor of Absurdia Review



Children Book Review: Emperor of Absurdia


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