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5 reasons why children should read

why children should read


As an avid book reader, I have always felt that reading allows you an advantage over non-readers. Not only do you have a treasure trove of information in your mind but you see the world through multiple perspectives. And for all this, I believe I have my parents to thank for. My father for serving as an inspiration and my mother for encouraging me to read. My reading habits developed at quite an early age and the love for reading grew and grew over the years. Now as a parent, I strongly believe in instilling the love to read in my children. Many in my circles think that it is too early to expect my child to read. While I don’t expect him to start reading but I still want him to love books and reading. People ask me why I think children should read? Here is why. (more…)

Easy Baby Food Ideas and Recipes for Nine Month Olds

baby food recipes/ideas

I am starting to think that too many options in our life has made us easily bored with the few options that we have. When I was a nine-month-old baby, I am pretty sure that the only baby food that I was fed was Banana, Potaotes, Sooji and the likes. But as supermarkets continue to add more choices, we feel obligated to give our children more options including new and better baby food options. So here are some recipes that you can try if you get bored with the usual mashed potatoes and bananas.


I AM A MOM: Don’t Expect

mom expectations

I am a mom: Don’t expect me to be perfect. Considering how are lives are far from the perfect we once imagined them to be, here is an imperfect mom’s guide to what not to expect from mothers.  When you come to my house, these are two things you are not going to see.


6 Reasons Companies should be hiring Moms


When moms finally decide to get a job, we realize the corporate world isn’t into hiring moms. The world has moved on. Younger, fresher girls are more experienced than us. And the only connections we have are other moms either wanting to get a job or dreaming of a time when their kids would be big enough. So, we end up with a big hit on our self-confidence. But what our future employers do not realize is that during all the time we mom-ing, we learned a whole new skill set.


Bullying in UAE: What Needs To Be Done

Bullying in UAE

When I came to Dubai, there was a little uncertainty behind all the excitement. I was afraid whether I would fit into Dubai, with its glamour and diversity. But more important than that was the thought of my son. While I could express my reservations to my family and friends, I doubted if Azlan could. Most toddlers and children do not have the vocabulary to express discomfort with the surroundings.

For a child, relocating to a new country is like changing the world they have grown to depend on. For one, their grandparents and friends are no longer in it. Then, there is the change of language, familiar faces, favorite places and the culture, of course.


8 Unexpected Life Lessons my son taught me

life lessons

As parents, we take ourselves quite seriously. At least, I do. When my first child was born, my sister and I talked about how it was our duty to nurture our child’s heart and mind. We had long endless discussions. We still do. But, recently, I came to realize that my son has taught me more about life than I could ever teach him. If you want to learn how to live life fully, observe and mimic a toddler.


A toddler’s mantra, ‘If you keep asking for that candy, chances are that you are going to get it… in the end’. Toddlers are known for their persistence. They are not generally put off by constant rejection or even the occasional bout of anger. If a child wants something, he finds a way to get it. Usually the first 10 No’s do not register. After the 11th, they just change the tone.

Their persistence can teach us a lesson on how to accept failure. Just don’t consider it a failure, until you succeed. If that is the way we move forward in life, success will follow through.


The other side effect of Montelukast (Singulair)

side effect of Montelukast (Singulair)


This month, ABC TV Australia aired a story on the potential neuropsychiatric side effects of  Montelukast (Singulair) in children. Montelukast is the most popular and effective asthmatic preventive medicine for both children and adults. This discovery created a frenzy among mothers and as the story spread on Facebook, it gained a lot of strong response. Mothers, all of the world, were concerned and agitated. And I was one of them. Yet again, I turned to Google in my hour of need and researched all about Montelukast. What I found was horrifying.