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Rethinking UAE’s Ecological Footprint

UAE's Ecological Footprint

You do not need a course on environmental studies to make the assumption that Dubai has the one of the highest ecological footprint globally. The entire city is man-made. There is human-centric approach to Dubai that no other country can match. Before Dubai was the way it is right now, the city was practically a desert. And it still is underneath expansive malls, the tallest sky scrapers and the air conditioned bus stops.


10 Hacks in Dubai for moms

Dubai for moms

Moms need hacks more than anyone else. From good diaper deals to best kept secrets of the town, we want it all. We don’t have the time or the energy to learn the ins and outs of the city but we want to know. So, here is my list of 12 Hacks in Dubai for moms. Enjoy and I hope you benefit from them.


How to plan a theme birthday party at home

theme birthday party

As your children grow older, their fascination with birthday parties increases. They want bigger and more extravagant birthday parties. Unfortunately, your budget shrinks. Birthday parties, especially theme birthday parties could take a big chunk out of your wallet, if done through event planners and caterers. But don’t worry, you can still wow your child with a instagram-able theme birthday party at home. Let’s plan it together.