Being a mother has made me appreciate the finer (and even the less finer) things in life. With my new baby tailing you everywhere, I just compiled my wish list of things to do before having a baby.

Disclaimer: If you already have one, this may be depressing. Read More.

Take a long bath

If you are planning on trying those bath bombs, do it NOW!

Clean your house

…and possibly take a picture as a reminder it was never this messy. Children have a tendency of not picking up after themselves, and it becomes contagious when you realize there is no point in cleaning.

Use both your hands

Because after you have one, one your hands would be occupied with carrying the baby. Even when your hands will be free, your mind will be going into a drive thinking when you will be asked to give your hand and arm.

Enjoy your meals

Babies have these in-built sensors to remind them that it is time to cry, poop or just do something attention worthy whenever you sit down for a meal. So while you have time, savor your each bite.


Read a book, Watch a Movie

… or do anything that does not require you to take a break after 5 minutes. Post-baby, you will never have these long stretches of time but rather these little bursts of minutes that leave you more stressed.

Have a nice long conversation

Do you have one of those friends who you can talk with endlessly? You can forget those, unless your friend also happens to be a saint and does not mind being cut off by a screaming baby or a talkative toddler every other minute.

Go out on a date

Date night is the best fun sans-baby. When you have a baby, you can forget date nights unless you consider watching a movie together, at home when the baby sleeps (probably in your arms). Even if you have an angel mother, mother-in-law or the best baby-sitter, you will still be tailed by your guilt.



Sleep is the elixir that every new mom will give her last penny for. Sleeping like a baby must have been said by a dad who was not a light sleeper.


If you are pregnant, Go girl, the clock is ticking!

Don’t forget to share with your pregnant friends. This may be their last reminder.

6 Essential Things to Do before having a baby

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