When moms finally decide to get a job, we realize the corporate world isn’t into hiring moms. The world has moved on. Younger, fresher girls are more experienced than us. And the only connections we have are other moms either wanting to get a job or dreaming of a time when their kids would be big enough. So, we end up with a big hit on our self-confidence. But what our future employers do not realize is that during all the time we mom-ing, we learned a whole new skill set.


Recent research points out that, women are great at multi-tasking. You only have to look at a mother to realize how true it is. The skill goes truly top level when we have children. Have you have given a toddler a bath, while cleaning up the bathroom, while keeping an eye on the baby and all the time planning what to make for dinner? We do it every day.

Tough Clients, Think Again

When my husband talks about a particularly tough client he had to deal with at his job, I point out the toughest clients- our kids.

‘Because we like it’, is as good an argument as can be.  Logic fails big time when your child wants to go out wearing YOUR dark glasses (at 8 P.M!).

We have become experts at negotiating everything with our kids- veges, dinner time, TV time and even toilet time. Having kids is the easy part, negotiating the rules is the real deal. If we can negotiate with them, we can negotiate with the toughest clients. Try us.

And if you don’t believe, believe the results of the research conducted by a neuroscientist at the University of Richmond in Virginia. His results showed that mother rats are less stressed. This could be because when a woman becomes a mother, one set of neuron known as amygdale, grows in size. This neuron handles stress and its growth after pregnany allows a mother to become stronger and more resilient.


Long Working Hours

If you think your job has long working hours, don’t even ask us. Have you ever worked both the day and night shift? We have; we do it more often than you think. Kids get sick (a lot) and most of the time, it happens during the night (when you think you can finally rest). So basically after negotiating with them the entire day, we end up rocking them to sleep only to find them staring at us in the middle of the night.

Moms are not Quitters

Quitting is not an option for us. And our bosses (our children), like any other boss, know that they can’t survive without us. We can’t think about quitting. And honestly, any excuse to be out of the house, is good enough for us. While we love our children but a few hours away from them is necessary to make them look cute again.

Research suggests that mothers are more productive and childless women. Initially, new mothers may face some difficulty managing the workload but over time, they become more productive.



Ability to Take Initiative

More and more companies these days are looking for candidates who have the ability to take initiative. But they are missing out on their best talent pool- the moms. If it is putting the toys back in the toybox or the laundry that needs to be put away, we have to take initiative. They say kids follow by example but you don’t know how true this is unless you have a kid. My son won’t do anything unless I ‘help’ out. And I end up doing most of the work.

 The Learning Curve

When you go out for an interview, employers ask you for your degree and experience. But one of the hardest and taxing jobs in the world- motherhood- comes with no degree and almost no experience. You don’t get to spend 4 years in a university to be qualified to become a mother. You become a mother with the first cry of your infant. And from there begins our experience. And within a matter of a few days, I had learned to bath, feed, burp, put the baby to sleep and manage vaccinations and doctor’s visit. With time, we become experts at negotiating, cooking, cleaning, and even handling emergency situations as the job demands. You got to admit, the learning curve is pretty steep.

And we still love our job!

6 Reasons Companies should be hiring Moms


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  1. Yes!! I say this all the time.. I think we should just put “Mum” on our CV and get the job!!! Great article!!

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