Given the exorbitant rent in Dubai, the common average families like us live in apartments. Living with kids in a Dubai Apartment is actually quite fun and I won’t trade it for any villa but then sometimes, it does get too much.

The Fireworks


If you are my neighbor, then I am deeply sorry and even embarrassed for the noise coming from my apartment. Whether it is the kids running around shrieking like mad or me having another negotiating marathon with them, our house is nothing short of a zoo on an average day. And Safah’s love for throwing or banging things on the floor does not help. I have often considered writing sorry notes and slipping them under my neighbor’s floor but don’t have the courage to do so.

P.S you may find it hard to believe but the shreiking mom living in an apartment with kids is sane and quite normal.

Think Before You Buy


With two kids in the house, we have more toys and kid essentials than we like. Every time I get tempted to buy a walker or a swing, I tell myself and my husband I don’t have space. My husband has found another way; buying Lego Minifigures.

Selling on Facebook Groups/Dubizzle


Even though I have coached myself quite well, there are still times when my self-control is less appealing than the pastel pink PJs. So when I do end up buying some useless stuff, I put these things up on Facebook selling group with the caption, ‘selling because no space’. And at my home, there literally is no space.


The ingenious storage spaces


When I can’t sell it, the stuff actually challenges me. I ask myself, ‘now where should I put these things’. Under the bed had been out of question after the first three months, so I keep trying to find more places. And if I may say so, I am getting quite good at it. In fact, I think I can do a video on hiding toy hacks.

P.S. Never look under a mom’s bed.

The journey up and down


Even if your apartment is on the second floor, you never take the stairs. With a stroller and a baby, the lift is your only choice. Kids will always be kids and they can become quite unpredictable in the lift. They may refuse outright to get on the lift with someone else present or they may wear out the lift-sharer with nursery rhymes, long anecdotes or a completely useless information. After countless such rides, I wonder whether our trio (me with the two kids) appears annoying or cute. I think the cuteness begins to fade off after 15 seconds.

The Windows


Dubai has one the tallest skyscrapers in the world. It is not uncommon to live in a building with 37 floors. I am living in one. Before you have kids, the view could have been the most attractive part of the apartment but now, it is just another marker for danger. Added to that, the stories of kids falling down buildings does not help.


If you are looking for living with kids in a Dubai apartment, don’t get daunted. Many families choose to live in apartments because that is where they will find other families with kids. You can create your kiddie tribe within the apartment in such a few months. If you want to know more about living with kids in a Dubai Apartment or just want to ask advice about renting in Dubai, let me an email at ayesha.mohammad(at)


6 Realities of Living with kids in a Dubai Apartment

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