10 Marvel Lego Sets under $50

10 Marvel Lego Sets

I don’t know how it happened, but my son is a comic book fan. He has never seen a comic book in his life but he knows all the characters. Characters I don’t even know existed.My five-year-old is Lego- obsessed. And to be honest, I could join the club. I love building Lego sets if only to see myself as a supermom in my son’s eye. With his fifth birthday approaching, he requested one of the Marvel Lego Sets. And I can’t tell you who was more excited. Me or him? But I’m glad he chose that particular gift.


6 Must-Read Young Adult Books I want my children to read

young adult book ideas

If you are shocked with what young adults are reading these days, join the club. The young adult books that your child may be reading could have you imagining the worst possible impact on their development. As a young adult, I was lucky to get some really great mentors and teachers who opened me up to some great personality shaping young adult books. So, I’m going to do the same and recommend some decent young adult books that I believe every young adult should read; even those who hate reading.  (more…)

Children Book of the Month: The Tiger Who Came to Tea Review

The Tiger who came to Tea review


So, this month (after a long break), I come with another Children Book Review – The Tiger who came to tea. I have been meaning to write this review for a long time but wasn’t getting the time (the best mom excuse). This book has become Azlan’s favorite over the last few weeks. Whenever I ask him which book he would like to read at bedtime, he quickly says ‘The Tiger came to tea! The Tiger came to tea’. And even after reading it for like a 110 times, I haven’t quite reached the run-in-the-opposite moment. Yet. So it’s only fitting I write The Tiger Who Came to Tea review this month. (more…)

Legoland Dubai Review

Last week, we finally went to Legoland Dubai. Azlan had been talking about it ever since we told him about the park.I was a little apprehensive about going there; the cost being the main reason for this. So, with the UAE resident offer on the table, we decide to buy the tickets before the Dubai weather went aggressive on us. I have been meaning to write this Legoland Dubai Review since last week but there has been so much to write about. And I still think I haven’t covered it all.


10 Nurseries in JLT

Nurseries in JLT


Are you considering the big move? Is it really time for your little one to go to a nursery? A big high–five to all us, stay-at-home moms. We survived. Yayy!!! But hold that celebratory dance. At least till you have found a good nursery. Depending on where you live, there can be no nursery nearby or dozens. I found 10 Nurseries in JLT alone after a quick online search.


Children Book of the Month: Maggie’s Ball

Maggie's Ball Review


January’s Children Book of the Month is Maggie’s Ball. This is yet another find from the Old Library. Since we are focusing on phonics these days, this book was perfect. This is what you should get your child when he has started to read. Or even if he hasn’t, your toddler will still love it. Mine does. A few days back, he declared, ‘This is my favorite book’. (hope this feeling dulls down by the end of the month when I have to return it).  (more…)

5 reasons why children should read

why children should read


As an avid book reader, I have always felt that reading allows you an advantage over non-readers. Not only do you have a treasure trove of information in your mind but you see the world through multiple perspectives. And for all this, I believe I have my parents to thank for. My father for serving as an inspiration and my mother for encouraging me to read. My reading habits developed at quite an early age and the love for reading grew and grew over the years. Now as a parent, I strongly believe in instilling the love to read in my children. Many in my circles think that it is too early to expect my child to read. While I don’t expect him to start reading but I still want him to love books and reading. People ask me why I think children should read? Here is why. (more…)